Dispute #5

Dispute link: https://celeste.1hive.org/disputes#/disputes/5

Disputed Quest: Pre-release event

Creation date: 2022-07-12

Outcome date: 2022-07-18

Dispute platform: Quests

Dispute outcome: Blocked Action

Dispute summary

Following the result of Dispute #4 which effectively blocked a legitimate Quest Claim with the "Abstain from voting" outcome, user Gossman created a new claim on behalf of user paul2 in an attempt to get the funding delivered. However, Gossman realized after creating the claim that their own wallet address was set as the payout address.

Gossman asked paul2 to dispute the proposal and create a new Claim with the correct wallet address, and explained the situation in Discord.

The selected Keepers unanimously voted to block the action, and there was no appeal.

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