Dispute #1

Dispute link: https://celeste.1hive.org/disputes#/disputes/1

Disputed proposal: Donate to Lemon Boy

Creation date: 2021-04-10

Outcome date: 2021-04-25

Dispute platform: Gardens, 1Hive

Dispute outcome: Blocked Action

Dispute summary

1Hive Proposal #2 was created as a test of Celeste and its integration to the 1Hive Garden.

Luigy, a 1Hive contributor, created a proposal requesting a donation of 5 HNY with the Proposal Rationale "Lemon Needs honey" - the proposal was challenged and unanimously blocked by the selected Keepers with no appeal.

According to the 1Hive Covenant, proposals should advance the interests of the community. Even though this proposal was just a test, Luigy's assumption, which was confirmed by the Keepers, is that it would not be in the 1Hive community's interest to use a funding proposal to donate Honey to a contributor.

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