Keeper Dashboard

The Celeste Dashboard is a frontend for Keepers and other users who may be involved in a dispute to interact with the Celeste protocol. It also contains detailed information about past and current disputes, including comments, rulings, timeline, and much more. The following guide presents an overview of the various sections of the Dashboard.

1. Connecting to the Dashboard

The Dashboard is accessible at General information and statistics are available on the main page as well as more specific information related to disputes, tasks, and keepers in their respective page. However, it is when the app is connected to an Ethereum account that it really comes alive and offers its full potential.

In order to connect your Ethereum account to the Celeste Dashboard, simply click on the Connect account button at the upper right and select the provider of your choice:

Keep in mind that Celeste is on xDai, so you will need to ensure you have configured and selected xDai as your network before connecting.

At the top of the dashboard you can also see a countdown timer for the current Term. Time in Celeste is measured in Terms, and each term lasts for 8 hours.

Occasionally you may see a message on this countdown timer that says "Term needs updating". Typically an automated service will automatically update the Term, but if you see the message you can always update it yourself. This way even if the service updating the term goes down, users will still be able to progress the protocol manually.

2. Notifications

Keepers can sign up for email notifications to be notified of important events, such as when they have been drafted to a dispute, task reminders, and more. Email notifications are important so that as a keeper you do not miss out on any important tasks. Remember that if you do not complete the required tasks you will lose a portion of your locked HNY (more info about this here). Due to this risk of losing money if you fail to complete your tasks on time, it is strongly recommended that you sign up for email notifications and monitor them closely while you are an active keeper, but an email address is not required to use the protocol and if the notification service goes down for whatever reason it is still your responsibility alone to take action in the event your account is drafted. We expect alternative notification services, including self hosted and discord based bots to be created to help Keepers perform their duties over time.

To opt-in, click the gear-shaped Settings icon in the top corner and click "Notifications".

3. Balances

The first section you will see at the top of the Dashboard contains your HNY balance information. This section is divided into three columns: My wallet, Inactive and Active. Each column contains its own history of recent transactions executed in the last 24 hours.

My wallet shows the amount of HNY that your xDai wallet currently contains and its relative value in US dollars. Those tokens are not being managed by the Celeste staking contract and are at any given time fully under your control. To activate them and increase your chances of being drafted as a keeper, you can click the Activate button at the bottom of the section and a side panel will appear asking for the amount of HNY that you want to activate. The amount will be transferred to the Active section once the transaction is executed.

If you don't own any HNY tokens, you can click the Buy HNY button at the top right of the dashboard, which will take you to Honeyswap where you can swap other assets for HNY.

The second column contains your Inactive HNY balance along with its value in US dollars. Inactive HNY is held in the Court contract but doesn't increase your probability of being drafted, nor is it considered for distribution of staking rewards. Two actions are available when you have an inactive balance:

  • Withdraw: Will withdraw a specified portion of the inactive HNY to your wallet.

  • Activate: Will activate a specified portion of the inactive HNY and transfer it to the Active section.

The third column contains your Active HNY tokens. Active tokens serve three main purposes:

  • They determine your probability of being drafted as a Keeper. The higher the amount, the higher the probability.

  • Staking rewards are directly proportional to active tokens. Click here to learn more about the different types of rewards.

  • In order to incentivize consensus decisions, a portion of your active HNY is locked when drafted for a dispute and you can get rewarded or penalized depending on the final ruling. Click here to learn more about disputes.

The Deactivate button can be used to transfer HNY tokens to an inactive state. It's important to note that tokens do not get deactivated immediately, but only at the start of the next term (reminder here that each terms currently lasts for 8 hours). There is a possibility that you can still be drafted to rule on a dispute before your tokens are deactivated. After you rule on the dispute, then your deactivated tokens will enter an inactive state.

Finally, at the top of the section, you can see in real-time your probability of being drafted to resolve a dispute. The more HNY you have activated relative to the total HNY that has been activated in the protocol, the higher the probability will be.

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