Dispute #4

Dispute link: https://celeste.1hive.org/disputes#/disputes/4

Disputed Quest: Pre-release event

Creation date: 2022-06-22

Outcome date: 2022-07-03

Dispute platform: Quests

Dispute outcome: Abstained from Voting

Dispute summary

Dispute #4 was created by user rperez89, challenging a Quest claim by user paul2 for 0.15 HNY from the "Pre-release event" Quest. The dispute was a test of newly launched Quests platform and its integration with Celeste.

The test uncovered an issue with how information was being sent to Celeste from Quests, which was then fixed.

The Dispute ended an 8 month hiatus in Celeste activity, during a time when participation at 1Hive was low. Likely because of this, none of the Keepers drafted for the Dispute submitted a decision, which meant that by default the Dispute outcome was "Abstained from Voting," which returned the deposits from both the Challenger and the Quest Player.

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