Dispute #4

Disputed Quest: Pre-release event
Creation date: 2022-06-22
Outcome date: 2022-07-03
Dispute platform: Quests
Dispute outcome: Abstained from Voting

Dispute summary

Dispute #4 was created by user rperez89, challenging a Quest claim by user paul2 for 0.15 HNY from the "Pre-release event" Quest. The dispute was a test of newly launched Quests platform and its integration with Celeste.
The Dispute ended an 8 month hiatus in Celeste activity, during a time when participation at 1Hive was low. Likely because of this, none of the Keepers drafted for the Dispute submitted a decision, which meant that by default the Dispute outcome was "Abstained from Voting," which returned the deposits from both the Challenger and the Quest Player.
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