Dispute #2

Dispute link: https://celeste.1hive.org/disputes#/disputes/2

Disputed proposal: Pollen Distribution period starting July 20th

Creation date: 2021-07-30

Outcome date: 2021-08-05

Dispute platform: Gardens, 1Hive

Dispute outcome: Allowed Action

Dispute summary

1Hive Proposal #29 sought additional funding for the Pollen program, a SourceCred-enabled reward system measuring reputation at 1Hive. The dispute was unintentionally created by user santapiper, who asked in Discord if it was possible to cancel the challenge after creating it.

Upon finding out that Celeste disputes could not be cancelled, santapiper asked the Celeste Keepers to approve the proposal.

The Keepers for Dispute #7 unanimously approved the action with no appeal.

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