Intermediate dispute steps

This page describes the intermediary methods that have to be called in order for a dispute to actually settle.

TODO: complete (section not necessary for applications simply looking to use Celeste)

disputeManger.draft(uint256) -> ()


  • uint256 _disputeId: ID of dispute.

Return values:

This method does not return anything.

Emitted Events:

  • JurorDrafted(uint256 indexed disputeId, uint256 indexed roundId, address indexed juror)Emitted from the DisputeManager contract. Emitted once for every juror drafted.

  • DisputeStateChanged(uint256 indexed disputeId, DisputeState indexed state): Emitted from the DisputeManager contract. Event parameters:

    • DisputeState indexed state: DisputeState.Adjudicating (1)

General function:

Reverts if the dispute referenced by the dispute ID does not exist.

Caller is rewarded with Honey, claimable from the treasury contract. Drafts jurors and allows them to start commiting to their votes. Jurors may also leak each others votes if they are shared, thus invalidating them.

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