To protect values
See here for the Celeste documentation portal
Celeste, serves as the interface for a DAO’s shared values, beliefs, and hopes. It provides a way to resolve subjective disputes, and to peacefully enforce the covenant.
More technically, Celeste is a BrightID integrated fork of Aragon Court – the integration with BrightID allows for placing limits on how much stake an individual can add to the system.
Celeste is only invoked in exceptional circumstances. But if it is invoked, a decentralised (and randomly selected) group of BrightID verified humans – called Keepers – is drafted to rule on the dispute (they are tasked with deciding whether or not the disputed action is compatible with that community’s covenant).
If the Keepers decide the proposal is compatible, on-chain execution continues. If they decide it is not, the proposal is blocked.
By allowing even small token holders to challenge proposals that aren’t in line with the values of the community, Celeste provides a trustless way to uphold a DAO’s core values.
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