Create a Proposal

You only need a small amount of funds in order to be able to create a proposal

There are two types of proposals: Suggestion and Funding. Learn more about each to decide which fits the proposal you wish to make.


Suggestions, which include things like the abstain proposal, are proposals which do not request funds from the Common Pool. They can be used to draw collective attention to specific issues, without committing or requesting that funds be allocated to the issue in question.

Suggestions can accumulate support, but unlike Funding Proposals they are not made to pass. Instead, supporting a suggestion increases the amount of support required for any Funding Proposals to pass.

As such, a suggestion that makes the case for how you think the community should actually be allocating resources can have a meaningful impact on the behaviour of the system. Suggestions however can be challenged and escalated in the same way as Funding Proposals.


The proposal type funding is used specifically for proposals that request tokens from the Common Pool. Once Funding Proposals have accrued enough support they can be executed by anyone. When executed, the requested type and amount of funds is transferred from the Common Pool to the beneficiary address.

The threshold and dynamics of support accumulation regulate how quickly tokens can be distributed from the Common Pool. You can read more about the distribution mechanism here.

Discrete Decisions

Proposals and Suggestions are the primary means of governance within a Garden, however, occasionally there is an unavoidable need to make a discrete decision. For example, upgrading smart contracts or adjusting the parameterization of a supply policy, or changing the voting settings of your Gardens.

In these instances a more traditional voting process is used, where a discrete action is proposed and voted on in a binary fashion. Votes are open for a fixed period of time, and if quorum and support threshold is reached the vote passes, and the action is executed.

Make a Proposal

Before you create a proposal make sure you Sign the Covenant and Deposit tokens (you won't be able to create a proposal without doing so).

What is the Proposal Deposit?

The Proposal Desposit is an amount of tokens set by the Garden Summoner, it is required to stake some tokens as collateral to make a proposal. This amount is taken from the tokens you have already deposited using the Deposit Manager. Backing proposals with collateral ensures proposals are quality and have some amount of seriousness behind them. Deposited collateral can be lost in three ways:

  • Not responding to your challenged proposal within the Settlement Period.

  • Accepting a settlement after being challenged.

  • Keepers ruling against your proposal after it was raised to Celeste.

You'll also need to have posted your proposal on your community's forum so other members can leave feedback and comments.

Once you've completed those first steps, from the homepage of your Gardens on the right side click Create proposal.

From here you'll need to fill in the details for your post. Include a descriptive title, a link to your associated forum post, and in the case of a Funding proposal, how much funds and to which Ethereum Address you're requesting them to.

Double-check your information, it will be recorded on the blockchain and cannot be edited. Click Continue when everything looks good. From there you'll need to sign the transaction to submit your proposal to the blockchain. It may take a couple moments for the blockchain to update, when that's finished you'll be able to see your proposal live on your Garden!

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