Decision Voting

These parameters are set in the Aragon Disputable Voting app
The Decision voting parameters are set in the Disputable Voting app: an Aragon app used to collectively update smart contracts and protocol parameters.
The parameters (together with the 1hive defaults) are:
"voteMinAcceptanceQuorum": 0.1,
"voteSupportRequired": 0.5,
"voteDurationDays": 5,
"delegatedVotingPeriodDays": 2,
"voteQuietEndingPeriodDays": 1,
"voteQuietEndingExtensionDays": 0.5,
"voteExecutionDelayDays": 1,
voteMinAcceptanceQuorum is the minimum percentage of the total token supply that needs to be in support for a decision vote to pass. For example, a value of 0.1 means that in order to pass there must be at least 10 percent of the total token supply voting in favour.
voteSupportRequired is the minimum percentage of voting stake (yes power / voted power) that needs to be in support for a decision vote to pass. For example, a value of 0.5 means over 50% of voting stake needs to be in support.
voteDurationDays is the base duration of each vote in days.
delegatedVotingPeriodDays is the duration from the start of a vote that Delegates are allowed to vote on behalf of Delegators.
voteQuietEndingPeriodDays is the duration before the end of a vote to detect non-quiet endings. Non-quiet endings are endings which involve a late swing in the vote.
voteQuietEndingExtensionDays is the duration to extend a vote in the case of a non-quiet ending.
voteExecutionDelayDays is the duration to wait before a passed vote can be executed. This allows people to react to the outcome and make decisions before the effects of the vote are realised.


Since there are only one set of voting parameters for all Gardens components, strong thresholds for passing proposals in decision votes are critical to ensure the Gardens integrity remains uncompromised. voteSupportRequired and voteMinAcceptanceQuorum are your main defensive parameters in this aspect.
The delegatedVotingPeriodDays should be short enough to leave room for Delegators across all time-zones to verify how their Delegates have voted, and veto if necessary. It is recommended to leave a difference of at least one full day between the delegatedVotingPeriodDays and the voteDurationDays.
The voteQuietEndingExtensionDays should give enough time for your community to mobilize in case of malicious voters or contentious proposals.
The voteExecutionDelayDays should offer your members enough time to view and consider the consequences of a passed proposal, and if possible, exit the DAO if they so choose.

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