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Types of Gardens

Veneto & Boboli
We currently support two types of Gardens: Veneto (native token) and Boboli (imported token) Gardens.
Each Garden has a Common Pool which holds the DAO's funds. These can be requested through proposals. Your community can choose how to contribute funds to this pool.

Veneto Gardens

The type of Garden that 1hive uses. It comes with a powerful dynamic issuance policy - the details of which you can fine tune - although you are free to choose a more conventional supply policy should you so wish.
When a community launches this type of Garden, they also create a community token. This token is used to grant voting power to vote on proposals that allocate shared resources from the Common Pool.
Note that common pool funds may consist of the governance token, or any ERC-20 token
The key features are:
  • A configurable amount of community tokens is minted and sent to the common pool.
  • A pre-distribution of initial tokens can be made by the garden summoner to accounts within the related community.
  • If you choose to go with a Dynamic Issuance Policy, then this can be configured to mint and burn the community tokens relative to a specified threshold of tokens in the common pool.
  • If you choose to hold governance tokens in the Common Pool, then a configurable amount of these tokens is minted and sent to it.

Boboli Gardens

Under this type of Garden, you have more flexibility in the sense that you are importing an existing token that may already have its own supply policy and rules associated with it. Once imported, this token is used to attribute voting power over the Garden's shared resources.
One key difference between this type of garden and a Veneto garden is the incentive contract. The incentive contract can be used to reward users who choose to import their existing ERC20 token into the Garden in order to gain governance rights within that Garden (in simple terms, it provides a way to incentivise voting).
The community creating the Garden is encouraged to:
  • Allocate a portion of their treasury to the Garden common pool.
  • Send tokens to the incentive contract (not too little and not too much) in order to reward users who choose to import the original token in exchange for governance rights in the Garden.

Technical Details

  1. 1.
    The common pool funds are handled by an Aragon Agent app.
  2. 2.
    Gardens accept several configuration parameters to initialize them.
  3. 3.
    Boboli Gardens have a built-in reward system to incentivize participation in governance.