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Based on the 1hive model, Gardens is a framework for a new kind of DAO - a composable, sufficiently decentralized, and self-improving system, limited only by your community's collective imagination.
Gardens is this but for DAOs
Communities can use Gardens to launch their own token or, if they prefer, to import a pre-existing ERC-20 token.
From there, they can use whichever tools they prefer to coordinate: chat rooms, forums, etc.
The token will be used as a governance token for deciding how funds are issued and how governance parameters are updated.
In the beginning, we expect mainly software-based projects and online communities to create Gardens, but ultimately we hope this framework can be used for any cause in the public domain.
Work in Progress. Our documentation is a rapidly improving work in progress. If you have questions or feel like something is missing, feel free to ask on Discord where we (and our wonderful community) are actively responding