Work in Progress. Our documentation is a rapidly improving work in progress. If you have questions or feel like something is missing feel free to ask in our Discord where we (and our wonderful community) are actively responding.

Gardens is an initiative by 1Hive to create a template for public communities to coordinate shared resources in a bottom-up fashion. Essentially taking the best lessons learnt from the 1Hive community and allowing any DAO to implement them in a plug-and-play fashion.

Through Gardens, communities can launch their own token with their own dynamic issuance policy or use an existing token.

To give a new token value they can provide some Honey during the creation process to create some initial liquidity. They may also convince the 1Hive community to give up some Honey to provide more liquidity.

From there they can use whatever tools they like for coordination; chat rooms, forums, etc. And the token will be used for deciding how funds are used and how their DAO design is configured.

We hope that this will encourage and give more opportunities to people to contribute to causes they care about. Since having a say in a Garden is as simple as buying its token, individuals can easily donate and have a stake in a cause they believe is worth pursuing.

They are then incentivised to further that cause in the hope of increasing its token’s value. This is not too dissimilar to equity in traditional businesses but with significantly less overhead and significantly greater inclusivity.

To begin with, it is expected that Gardens will be created for software-based projects and online communities, but ultimately it is hoped it could be used for any causes that belong in the public domain.